My name is Rachel.


Do you find yourself reading gardening blogs, pouring over gardening tips, and collecting pictures of beautiful gardens, yet still struggling to create the garden of your dreams?

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been a professional landscape designer who specialized in edible, medicinal, and permaculture-based landscape designs.

In this Free Training Series, I will teach you some professional design techniques to create your vibrant and enticing edible landscape that will enhance your lifestyle, become your sanctuary, and help feed your family.

Enroll in this informative FREE training series and begin planning your edible landscape today.

See you in the training!


What’s inside the free training series?

Four must-see videos:

  1. Five Simple Steps to Edible Landscape Design

  2. How to Avoid One Common (But Unknown) Design Mistake

  3. Seven Plants That Will Make You Jump For Joy

  4. Ten Reasons Why You Should Design Your Own Edible Landscape

The best part? It is 100% FREE! Simply enroll now and watch the first video in minutes. It’s that simple.