Create a more satisfying life where you switch off, learn by doing, and build your confidence while you garden to your heart's content. My steadfast commitment is to design practical and health giving gardens that embolden you to rediscover forgotten skills and unite with the natural world.

All custom designs are tailored to your needs, based on the three design packages below: basic design, concept design, and master plan. No matter which design package you choose, we will begin with a design consultation and work together to create a rare garden design that awakens your spirit.

Rachel’s background in landscape design, permaculture, and gardening gave her the perfect set of skills to design a wonderful and functional garden. Working with Rachel was fun and inspirational as her creativity and abundant array of knowledge encouraged excitement with all of the possibilities that our backyard held. The final design is simple, expresses beauty, and will provide us with a bountiful harvest. I am so grateful for Rachel’s passion and expertise, and would definitely recommend her!
— Renee K.


Arrange your garden

The basic design solves the puzzle of practical garden layout. Whether you’re interested in expanding your existing garden or need a flexible design that is adaptable to your changing needs, this design is an affordable way to begin streamlining your garden planning.

Basic Design Includes:

  • One Design Consultation
  • Rough sketch of landscape layout (not to scale)
  • Location suggestions for open space, large trees, vegetable beds, compost bins, play areas, etc.
  • List of suggested trees and shrubs (plant names only)
  • Design presentation at your location


Add bed lines, Trees, and Shrubs

The concept design is my best selling package. It is hand-drawn to scale and is a unique combination of ornamental landscape design, edible landscaping, and permaculture design. Your landscape will be the perfect combination of beauty and function. Without the details of perennials, annuals, and vegetables, this design package allows you to customize your garden so that it's the perfect reflection of you.  

This elegantly simple plan is designed to be clear, user-friendly, and easy to follow so that you may install the design yourself or hire a contractor to install it for you. The final design is typically completed within a matter of weeks and is competitively priced to fit your budget.


Concept Design Includes:

  • One Design Consultation
  • Site analysis and measurement
  • Rough draft presentation at your location
  • Two black and white copies of your custom design (drawn to scale) including bed lines, hardscape areas, walkways, trees, shrubs, and any additional landscape elements
  • Detailed plant list for trees and shrubs (common name, Latin name, heigh, width, and sun and soil requirements)
  • Complete design notes
  • PDF files of design, plant list, and design notes
  • Pinterest vision board
  • Final design presentation at your location


Include the finishing details

The master plan is a fully developed, extensive design that creatively weaves all of your garden dreams into your outdoor space. It is a complete package custom-designed with an extraordinary amount of detail. It will result in a garden packed with a wide range of NW native, edible, and medicinal plants. This all-inclusive design details everything you’ve always wanted in a garden.  

You will appreciate the outstanding detail, fully colored hand-drawn design that is both a quality piece of art and a highly detailed plan for your new landscape, which is sure to be a conversation starter.

The Master Plan is a work of functional beauty that is a wise investment and will be a valued addition to your home, for many generations.



  • One Concept Design, plus
  • Second rough draft presentation at your location
  • Two black and white and one colored copy of your comprehensive plan, including all landscape elements and plants (drawn to scale)
  • Master plant list for trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, and containers (common name, Latin name, height, sun and soil requirements, plant quantities, and estimated harvest yields)
  • Exceptional design notes detailing additional design aspects not included in the master plan
  • Style suggestions for hardscaping, fencing, entertaining areas, garden art, etc.
  • PDF files of design, plant list, design notes, style suggestions
  • Pinterest vision board
  • Final design presentation at your location