How to Use Companion Planting to Your Advantage

Companion planting is one of the many tools gardeners can use to grow amazingly productive and healthy vegetable gardens.

Companion planting is essentially planting crops together that support each other in some way. For example:

  • Planting onions, leeks, rosemary, or sage near your carrots will help repel carrot flies.

  • Planting aromatic herbs like dill, sage, peppermint, and rosemary with cabbage family plants supports the cabbage family plants.

  • Planting summer savory with green beans helps deter bean beetles and also improves the flavor of the beans.

It’s also important to know which plants do not like to grow together, such as:

  • Arugula and strawberries

  • Sweet corn and tomatoes

  • Garlic and beans

carrots love tomatoes.jpg

My all time favorite book about companion planting is called Carrots Love Tomatoes. In addition to tons of info on veggie planting companions, it also covers herbs and their companions, info on growing fruit trees and berry bushes, soil improvement, and so much more. It’s totally worth the money so you can keep it as a reference, or just grab a copy from your local library.

I put together an incredibly comprehensive list of vegetables and their friends and foes. I used Carrots Love Tomatoes as a reference as well as several other sources. My three page spreadsheet of companion plants is a quick reference guide that is sure to tell you what to plant with almost anything in your veggie garden.

Interested? Download your free Companion Planting Guide now.