What Would You Like to Know About Edible Landscaping?

I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately from people planting their own edible landscape. Do you have any burning questions about the design process I’ve used for years to create custom edible landscape designs?  Some questions I've received are:

landscape design questions.png
  • How do I choose the best fruit trees for my yard?  How do I know if I need to plant two fruit trees for cross-pollination?
  • How can I learn your design process to create my own edible landscape?
  • Where should I plant my veggie garden?
  • How can I fit everything into my yard?  I want a veggie garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, compost bin, chickens, and play area, with plenty of space left over for entertaining.
  • What's your secret to creating an organized but really beautiful yard?
  • I want to create privacy (and grow food) along our property line.  What plants are best for a food forest hedge row?
  • What are some unusual fruiting plants I can grow in my garden?
  • I have so many dandelions growing in my lawn.  What kind of food and medicine can I make with them?

I absolutely love all these questions because I'm ridiculously passionate about edible landscaping, permaculture, and herbal medicine and I would love to see you blossom as an edible gardener, too.  So, I'm collecting all of your questions so that I can focus my blog topics and help you succeed with your edible landscaping project. 

(Is your burning question already listed above?  No problem!  Submit the same question again so that I can start with the most popular questions.)

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