How to Add Textures and Colors to Your Edible Landscape

I don't often think of myself as an artist, but gardening and designing landscapes is really a form of art. The pallet of colors and textures available is nearly endless. As spring is coming into full swing, I find myself thinking about colors and textures more than usual. In my own garden I've been busy dividing plants, adding colorful flowers to my hanging baskets, and trying to maximize my vegetable gardening space in a visually appealing way within my sunlight-challenged yard.

The intersection between ornamental landscape design principles, edible landscaping, permaculture, and herbalism creates interesting challenges and opportunities. There are endless opportunities to get creative with unique plant combinations that you likely won't next to each other at your local plant nursery.

On the flip-side, there are the challenges of creating seasonal interest and the beauty of ornamental design principles with plants that my family or my clients want to harvest. This challenge is what keeps my work interesting and tests me to think outside the box with my unique design style.

Today I'd like to share some beautiful, fun, funky, and real-life plant combination photos with you. The vast majority of the plants are edible, medicinal, NW native, or otherwise useful for humans or our pollinator friends - basically plants that are not purely grown for their ornamental value. (I admit, there are few beautiful spring flowering plants sprinkled in that make me drool. I couldn't resist their vibrant colors!)

I'd love to hear from you! Which plants do you like to grow together? Which plant combos above are your favorite?

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