DIY Crafts: Christmas Wreaths

Get outside, breathe the fresh air, and collect some evergreen branches so that you can have the pleasure of making your own holiday wreath this year.  Nothing is more satisfying than holding plants in your hands and creating something beautiful for your home or as a gift.

My daughter and I spend a lot of time outside, regardless of the season.  We often collect bits of nature on our walks, like cones, small fallen branches, "weed" flowers, rocks, and sticks.  I love coming up with creative ways to display our nature finds.

Here's a quick and easy photo tutorial of how to make a wreath out of items you find in your garden or on a walk in nature.  This wreath is made with Doug fir and rosemary branches plus a few extra cones.

  1. Gather supplies: wreath frame, plant material, strong scissors or pruner, thin wire

  2. Make bundles of branches, about 6" long

  3. Secure the bundles at the base with wire

  4. Attach bundles around wreath frame, overlapping where each bundle is attached

  5. Add cones, berries, bows, or other decorative items

  6. Hang it up and enjoy. Fresh wreaths add a lovely scent indoors.

Do you make your own wreaths?  What materials do you like best?  Please share your experience!