10 Examples of Edible Gardens That Will Inspire You

I don’t know about you, but I’m a highly visual person. Images, diagrams, and pictures have a way of sticking in my brain. They also offer tons of inspiration.

Fall and winter are great times to create garden designs and plans. Whether you’re just getting started and need a full landscape design or simply making some changes to your existing garden, the colder months offer plenty of time to get your best ideas on paper.

Today I have a fun blog post for you. As you might have guessed, it’s full of visuals. I’ve gathered ten inspiring photos of edible gardens from around the internet. They are all great design examples and offer creative edible landscaping ideas for a variety of garden spaces.

I hope that you find these pictures inspiring as you get cozy this fall and winter and work on your edible garden plans.

Edible Garden Border

I love how this edible garden border is part of the garden. It’s built right into the design of the garden and creates a lovely border and backdrop. I also love that the edible plants are mixed together and planted in a more natural way, rather than straight rows.

Colors and Textures

This garden photo is packed with so in such a small space. The yellow daffodils add bright pops of color and they look gorgeous next to the purple cabbage and violets. I love the use of large pots within the garden and the bird bath focal point. The mix of large leaves, narrow leaves, and differing flower shapes add tons of texture to this garden.

Maximize Your Space

I love that this garden appears to use the entire yard. There’s no reason that edible gardens need to be contained in one small section of your yard. Instead, how about transforming your entire space into an edible wonderland? The layout of this gardens is really great. The wide paths allow for easy access to everything in the garden and the wide beds maximize space. With a garden layout like this, you can reach everything in the garden from one path or another. There’s no need to step on your garden soil and cause unnecessary soil compaction.

Espalier Fruit Trees

Training your fruit trees to grow flat against a fence, wall, or trellis, is a great way to maximize space in your garden. Espalier trees also make a lovely fence that will give you some privacy, yet still allow you to chat with your neighbors. Choose an espalier tree with one type of fruit or grow an even wider variety of food in a small space by purchasing an espalier fruit tree with multiple varieties already grafted onto it.

Your New Front Walkway

I love the brick pathway in this design. The space is really well organize and although it’s rows of garden beds, the slightly curved shape and mixed plantings make it feel a little more natural.

Small Space Gardening

Vertical gardening can produce a huge amount of herbs and veggies in a really small space. Use something like this vertical pocket garden or create your own vertical growing structure. Some ideas of plants to grow: herbs, strawberries, small veggies like radishes, lettuce, green onions, arugula, spinach, kale, micro-greens, etc.

Unusual Garden Containers

Horse trough gardens have become really popular over the last several years. The troughs can be a bit pricey, but this is a good option for a quick and easy decent sized raised bed. Troughs and other unusual garden containers add a fun focal point to any garden. They can be incorporated into your overall landscape design or used for small spaces like patios - this is an especially great idea for renters who don’t have access to garden space. Just remember to add drainage holes before you plant ; )

Formal Raised Beds

In my own garden, I almost alway opt for curved, flowing lines and gardening directly in the soil (without building raised beds). But, there’s something so appealing about rows of raised beds and a tidy garden. I love the subtle details of these raised beds and I especially love the use of beauty in the protective enclosures around the garden beds on the right.

French Potager Garden

If you’re interested in growing tons of veggies and herbs, this type of garden could be for you. The simple design with one central path down the center leaves plenty of room for planting on either side. You could even grow enough food at home that you might have extra to sell at your local farmer’s market!

Outdoor Rooms

This outdoor dining room is nestled under a grape vine. Creating outdoor entertaining and living spaces like this one will welcome people into the garden. This is so important, especially for an edible landscape. In my opinion, edible landscapes (even more so than other landscape styles) provide a place for people and plants to connect. People plant and tend the garden and the plants give back tenfold to the people, insects, animals, and more. Edible landscapes naturally invite people outside to be part of the landscape, rather than just being a garden to look at from a window. Remember to design “people space” into your edible landscape, too!

I’d love to hear from you! What garden plans are you creating this fall and winter? Which photos did you find the most inspiring? Post your comment below!