Rachel and Daughter

Welcome!  I'm so glad you’re here.

I'm Rachel, the designer, gardener, herbalist, mother, and dreamer behind Daily Harvest Designs.

If you're looking for a garden design that is more than curb appeal, lovely flowers, a backdrop for a pristine lawn, or just another task around the house, then you're in right place!

Daily Harvest Designs helps you create your own custom edible landscape design that fills your harvest basket, awakens your spirit, and nurtures the earth.


My goal is to embolden you to:

* create a professional-quality edible landscape design (w/o prior design experience)

* save time, money, and resources

* avoid expensive mistakes and failed projects

* create a super functional and low maintenance plan

* assess your unique space and determine your gardening goals

* stay away from amateur design mistakes

* grow food you love to eat

* learn how to incorporate healing plants into your life

* gain confidence in your garden


My Story

Some of my most treasured childhood memories include hiking to a neighboring farm in kindergarten, planting seeds in a milk carton in first grade, planting a sapling on Earth Day, and picking violets and dandelions for my mom. Perhaps you have similar memories, too?

It wasn't until high school that I realized these memories laid the foundation for my future. I took a horticulture-based biology class from a teacher who clearly loved plants. His enthusiasm was so contagious that I decided to study horticulture and landscape design.

I went to the University of Minnesota and loved my classes, but something was missing. I found myself wandering through the Environmental Science building, browsing the bulletin boards and contemplating a double major. Did I want to stay in school longer? 

Would designing landscapes fulfill my desire to pioneer change in the world? This question stuck with me throughout graduation, becoming a gardener and landscape designer, and starting my first landscaping business. My success didn’t feel like enough. I was creating beautiful outdoor spaces but I craved something different. 


I closed my business and joined the Peace Corps. After nearly two years in Mali, West Africa, I returned home feeling lost. I was unsure what to do next, my health was poor, and our country was in a recession. I worked temp jobs until I landed a part-time position that I enjoyed.

My health improved slowly and I continued to pursue my passion for gardening, landscape design, growing food, and connecting with nature. I completed a 10-month Permaculture Design Certificate Course, a 9-month Herbal and Botanical Studies program, and spent time browsing gardening and sustainable living books. All of the authors were making a difference in the world and I was determined to do the same. 

After five years at my part-time job, I chose to stay home with my young daughter and pursue my passion for landscape design, this time with food and medicine as the focus.

My unique combination of ornamental landscape principles, permaculture design, and love for medicinal plants has helped me creatively weave positive change into my clients' lives.

If you are longing for an enticing garden sanctuary that lures you outside and rewards you daily with a full harvest basket, you're in the right place. 

I’m here to teach you some professional design techniques to create your own vibrant and enticing edible landscape that will enhance your lifestyle, become your sanctuary, and help feed your family.

Enroll in my free intro edible landscape design course and begin planning your edible landscape today.