nourish your body, soul, and the earth through gardening

Imagine stepping into your dream garden. You’re instantly immersed in the brilliant colors, sounds, scents, and flavors around you. You thought that growing a functionally beautiful garden was only a dream. You had felt overwhelmed and lacked the confidence to get started. 

The great new is this: I have solutions to help you reach your goal of a gorgeous and useful garden that will quickly become the center of your home.

I appreciate that each garden and gardener is unique and understand that you want something more special than a lawn and simple shrub border. 

I invite you to pioneer a new gardening style and a more satisfying life. Enter your email below for free gardening advice that is honest, practical, and encouraging.


*** Welcome gardeners!  In early 2018, my family and I moved from Portland, OR, to my home state of Wisconsin.  I’m taking some time off from Daily Harvest Designs while we get settled in our new home.  Watch for occasional blog posts as I share my experiences re-learning the tricks of gardening in the midwest. ***